fredag, december 29, 2017

Another "The Iron Age' event

Sometimes I throw a random thought across the dinner table for my family to discuss. The other day I said 'In my next life I'm going to be a stand-up comic' My droll son looked up from his dinner and said drily 'You are already!' That's the last thing I expected to hear!
He continued 'At the "Finland100" event when you talked about your book The Iron Age with the other two Finnish writers (Tiina Walsh and Hanna Tuuri) you were a stand-up comic'
Then he said 'Of course not every joke needs to be self-deprecatory... although with an audience of Finns maybe you struck the right note, it seem to go down well. But another thing, you should have told them to buy the book from the Tramp Press website instead of saying that they could get it from most book shops. It's easier to shop on line'
How right he is. How astute. Of course it's always easy to know what one should have said afterwards. It is well known.
I think he has esprit d'escalier by proxy.