tisdag, september 11, 2012

So good bye then, Job!

The dogs in the street don't know it yet but I have lost my job!

 As a freelance cartoonist one could say that I never had "a job". But like all freelancers I cherished the weekly assignment that I could rely on being there, week after week. I had my Tuula strip. It was my rock in an uncertain world, my lodestar.
 The pay wasn't all that great but it was steady work and it gave my week a shape, a routine.
My routine: Monday to Thursday pursuing various interests&avenues and drawing for fun if no other assignment had turned up, Friday panicking, Saturday seriously panicking and drawing the strip, Sunday panicking some more and changing my mind and drawing it again.
 That kind of routine.

So good bye, Tuula! What next? The plans are brewing...