tisdag, april 03, 2012

My faithless dog

Why are dogs supposed to symbolize fidelity and loyalty? My little dog is a faithless hound. Every morning I go to the park to let her play with dogs of all shapes and sizes. She gets on fine with the dogs but she has formed a strong relationship with a woman- let's call her M- who distributes treats to all dogs. These treats are unconditional and given with a generous heart and hand.( Not like my treats that are doled out for "good behaviour" and sparingly).

When M comes to the park my dog run towards her faster than a speeding bullet. She dances on her back legs with her mouth open in a wide grin in front of M. She is beside herself with joy. She runs around M in a circle. Then she gets the biscuit. It is of a brand called Biscroc.

Next day I go out and buy biscuits called Biscroc. I train my dog to come to me to get a Biscroc. She comes running alright. But her mouth is closed. She doesn't dance. There is no grin from ear to ear. She is just doing her job.

When we are leaving she decides not to come to me. I have to ask M to call her for me. My dog pricks up her ears and returns faster than a speeding bullet. M gives her a Biscroc and my dog is overjoyed.
The pain of it.