onsdag, december 03, 2008

scary dog, eisode 3

When my dog was a young, slim thing my two Sons used to walk her. One day a pitbull shot out of the park (like a bat out of hell) after them and grabbed our dog by the neck. There was no warning, no foreplay, just straight for the neck. It dragged our dog on to the road and held our dog (by the neck) until she stopped struggling.
A woman motorist stepped out of her car,took stock of the situation, ran to a house, explained the situation, asked for a bucket of water, got the bucket and poured it over the pitbull's head. The pitbull let go of our dog and attacked Son number one. When the owner tried to stop the attack she got bitten herself.
The injuries were: a deep puncture wound to the neck of our dog and many teeth marks to my Son's hands and tattered nerves all around.
This attack was reported to the Guards (who already knew because the woman motorist had been in). We were told to contact the Dog Warden.The Dog Warden told us that nothing could be done until we got the name and address of the dog and its owner.
So take note: If you survive a dog attack- don't forget to ask for name, address and date of birth of the pitbull.
For it is always a pitbull, I don't care what you say.