fredag, juli 06, 2007

Punishing Dublin Bus

I have been walking everywhere. The rain has been falling hard and fast and I have got very wet. I think I have nearly punished Dublin Bus enough now and I am ready to get back on the bus again. If I am let. Please.
I have tried cycling because I have an excellent Swedish bike called "Skeppshult Natur". I can also avail of the best bicycle path in the country. Unfortunately the path does not take me IN to the city centre, where I want to go, but AWAY in the other direction. But then you can't have everything. So my cycling has been mostly for practice (and to regain the whippet thin looks that are mine by right).
Anyway- the "best in the country" cycle path runs along the sea front in Clontarf. There is also a wide promenade for pedestrians to stroll along. The promenade is right beside the water where the air is cleaner and where you have a good view of the bay and you can listen to the lapping of the waves. For some reason many families with toddlers and walkers of dogs prefer to use the cycle path nearer to the busy road for their leisurely walks.
When approaching these people I have tried using the little Swedish bell on my bike to alert them. The bell makes a discrete "bing" sound. In Swedish that means "excuse me, please, I am about to overtake". But to my horror it means something ENTIRELY different in Hiberno-English. Judging from the reactions I think it means "get the f--k out of my way". Or maybe something even worse.
Maybe someone out there can tell me what "bing" means in English. (The bell can also make a "bingeling-ling-ling" sound- but I am too scared to try that one)


Blogger Pageturners said...

I've found that setting the brake blocks at an angle so they make a terrifying screech works best. *You* haven't said anything, it's just your brakes, so you can give people an apologetic wave as they leap out of the way in panic.

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