tisdag, maj 01, 2007

Dublin Bus 123

The bus 123 is the bus for the wretched and the huddled. It is scheduled to run every 7 minutes. In real life that means about twice every hour.
This is what happened the other day. I waited 20 minutes in O'Connell Street. The 123 arrived (glory be!), I boarded the bus and got a seat (all this AND a seat!). The bus moved 500 metres and stopped. We were told to get out and take the bus behind us. We shuffle, shuffle, shuffle with our bags and buggies onto the other bus.
The middle aged couple in front of me are enjoying a quiet drink out of a paper bag. Suddenly the woman leans forward and gets sick. It comes out clear as a stream. Absolut vodka, no breakfast.
She takes off her scarf and tries to wipe it up. But it is too much. When the stream reaches the driver he stops and radios for a replacement bus. We sit and wait. The couple get off. The woman, (or I should say the lady - because given the unfortunate circumstances she has behaved impeccably) apologizes to us and the driver.
Distance travelled:2 km Time taken (incl. waiting) :48 minutes