onsdag, maj 02, 2007

More about the 123

So why don't I walk then if Dublin Bus 123 is so slow and unreliable?

Because sometimes this happens: I go to the bus stop and wait two minutes and the 123 comes and brings me in to town in eight minutes. Nothing crazy happens on the bus.
Distance travelled: 2 km Time taken (incl. waiting): 10 minutes

This happens VERY seldom, just often enough to make me think it could happen again. It is like the lottery really. You partake because you totally overestimate the chances of a successful outcome.


Blogger X-treme-A said...

Never take the 123, even if it's right there. The bus by the park comes every 3 minutes all day. Always takes an hour to come on the way home any time after 6 aswell.

Good Grief,

3:30 fm  
Blogger Bob Byrne said...

My advice is to walk while the weather is good, you will be waiting around just as much in the winter so you might aswell enjoy the commute now. Dublin Bus stinks

8:58 fm  

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