fredag, maj 04, 2007

Further more on Dublin Bus 123

So why does a person wait 45 minutes in Dame Street for a 123 - a bus that is supposed to run every 7 minutes?
Well, the first 7 minutes is just normal waiting. After 14 minutes your chances of getting a 123 have doubled, after 21 minutes your chances have tripled and so on. After 28 minutes you have invested so much in the wait that you feel you MUST stay. After 42 minutes you realize that you are an idiot and wave a taxi.
You have given Dublin Bus three quarters of an hour of your wretched life, all for nothing. (The taxi home costs you €10.)
An awful service and not enough of it (ha ha!). Somebody out there thinks we don't deserve any better...


Blogger Pageturners said...

You can always phone the garage and ask them politely when the next 123 is coming. If enough people do this, the service will improve.

I usually say (for my preferred routes) "Do you know where the 14.05 54A from Tallaght is now?" and they radio out to the driver and find out. Though sometimes they come back and say "I can't get hold of him."

One problem with Dublin's buses is that there is no central route monitoring, so you have to ring one of four separate garages, depending on what route you're asking about. Stupid system, really.

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