lördag, maj 12, 2007

Election posters

I wish people would not wreck election posters. Keep doing it and it will be the end of democracy and then there will only be posters of a dictator. And if you scribble on dictator posters you will have your hands chopped off and you will be hanged. I am only saying - show a LITTLE respect for the brave people who put themselves forward!
I respect the candidate (for the government party) with the VERY rosy cheeks. Country people the world over admire a young woman with rosy cheeks. It means:
1. She is healthy - no TB or tape worms there.
2. She is flushed from running around the farm - no lazy cow she.
3. She blushes easily - she is no brazen hussy.
That is what country people think. But what do urban sophisticates think? A country girl is used to one bus a day to the nearest market town. Does she understand the notion of a city bus running every seven minutes? No, I don't think so. Don't vote for her, vote for somebody pale and interesting who understands city traffic.