fredag, maj 18, 2007

Our bus 123

We, the travelling public, who use Dublin Bus 123 aim to turn up at the bus stop washed, brushed, sweet smelling and reasonably sober.
Some of us on this route do not come within an ass's roar of this our mutual goal. Sadly, urinary incontinence seems to be very common on our bus. A slow and persistant dribble. I cannot blame Dublin Bus for this. I blame the health service. Charles Haughey (was it?) gave the over 65s free bus passes. Could somebody PLEASE give them an adequate health service as well to see to this urgent problem.
Add to this whiff the smell of the young, seriously unwashed man. And the smell of the old scary man who is both drunk and unwashed and talking to himself (in a threatening way) and you get quite an "athmosphere" on the bus.
So our route 123 seems to pick up some of the most wretched bus users of this city. Is THAT why we don't deserve a better service?