tisdag, maj 27, 2008


Just back from Stockholm and their splendid public transport. You get one ticket that is valid for the bus, the metro and the local trains. It was almost too good to be true and if I like it so much why don't I just eff off and go and live there? No, I love it too much here in Dublin.There is more to life than buses and trains.

Mostly I move about on foot anyway for I am pedestrian by nature. Also I have the damned dog (of which more at a later date) to walk every day. I am something of a pioneer on the "pick up after your dog" front and always carry several little black plastic purpose-made bags for picking up dog poo.
I import them especially from Sweden (but of course!)

Some days, when I feel strong, I go into pioneer mode when I see other dog owners who let their mutts foul the pavement while temporary blindness overcomes them. (Smell no evil, see no evil!) At that moment I step forward, smile a sunny smile, hold out a dog poo bag and say: "Would you like one of these? "
This may sound easy but it is actually VERY difficult. The trick is not to allow any hint of criticism into the moment. This means that I must not even FEEL critical or all will be lost.
It is almost a zen moment and it is rare.

On one of those rare days when I felt I could make my generous offer with joy in my heart my fellow dog owner took the bag and looked at it. She looked at the dog poo on the pavement. Looked at the bag again and said "But is it biodegradable?"


Blogger Pageturners said...

If you buy them in a Dublin pet shop, they are certainly biodegradeable. You can reply with a smile: "As biodegradable as the purest dog poo."

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