torsdag, februari 19, 2009

Dublin Bus 123 - the best thing about

The best thing about Dublin bus 123 is the stop in O'Connell outside Penney's. A uniformed employee of Dublin Bus whose sole duty appears to be "passenger calming" is stationed at this stop.
He is a charming and personable man with a talent for dealing with the public. Everyone who has been in a job that involves dealing with the public knows what a chore that is and how quickly one can change from a benevolent person to a humanity hating lunatic. Not so this man. He is forever cheerful. He creates so much good will for Dublin Bus that he should be paid like a celebrity or a film star.
Sadly he has a small flaw - he has absolutely NO idea when the next bus might arrive. Ask him and he will say chirpely: In three minutes-that's not very long is it!
You cheer up, you think you are in luck. Twenty minutes later you watch him speak into a phone (or radio?) but the phone is only a prop and he is only pretending to talk to somebody. He does not know if or when there will be a bus 123 -soon, today or ever!
He is only like the rest of us.