torsdag, februari 04, 2010

Swedish Embassy in Dublin

This is a great little country! The bicycle scheme (last blog) in Dublin has succeeded better in Dublin than in any other capital in EU. Heartwarming, eh?
But not everyone believes in this great country in these times of adversity, economic downturn, wooden shoes and brass money. Sweden has decided to pull out of Ireland. Or at least their Department of Foreign Affairs, led by Mr. Carl Bildt, has decided to remove the Swedish embassies in Bratislava, Dakar, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Sofia and...DUBLIN!
Luxembourg is only a stamp and Bratislava is only an hour on the bus to Vienna. So no big deal for them. (Don't know about the rest.)
But pulling out of Ireland? Are the Swedes going to let the embassy in LONDON handle Irish affairs?!
Message from Sweden. You are going down the plughole so we are leaving now. Lie down and die you sick man of Europe. Our man in London will deal with your little matters.
But I am not bitter.