söndag, juni 21, 2009

Dubin transport

The useless government have come up with a GOOD PLAN plan that I am totally in favour of! (Will wonders never cease?)
They want to introduce a premium cycling infrastructure. There will be 109 schemes (why not 110?) to improve things for cyclists, including the creation of "motor ways" for cyclists, tax breaks for the purchase of bikes, identifying inter- urban cycling routes, the development of a "culture of cycling" et.c
All good stuff to help people get around. It would also be like introducing a free "citizens gym" which would help against the obesity epidemic. And possibly save many lives - cyclists are every so often crushed under the wheels of the progress of the juggernaut...

This will cost €2.3 billion. Worth every cent if you ask me.

But if you ask Labour Party transport spokesman Tommy Broughan? -The man from Labour says NO!
He mocks the idea, he knocks it on the head from every angle. He says it is a Flann O'Brien style proposal. He says Labour is supportive of cycling -says he has an old bike in the shed himself- but this plan he can not support because it costs too much MONEY.

To this I say - Tommy, take that bike OUT of the shed and think again!!! Please do.