tisdag, augusti 14, 2012

Dog Days

I don't know if I am cut out for dog ownership. A person accompanied by a dog attracts attention. Mostly of a welcome and friendly kind. But sometimes a dog triggers aggression from a certain kind of individual.
The other day my dog was sniffing a lamp post. I hear an angry voice.
-I hope you are PICKING UP after that dog!
-I am! I say and to demonstrate that my promise is not just empty words I put my hand in my pocket and show him the black plastic bag that I will use. I am both willing and able to do a clean up. Any time. I feel smug. I smile.
The elderly man glares at me.
- The place is a MESS!!!!

This is when I get an attack of mixed feelings. Despair is one. Also anger. Mostly murderous anger. I want to shout: "YOU are a MESS, you stupid old ********!!!!!"

But I don't. I walk away. My day is ruined.