fredag, augusti 24, 2012

Mother of Dog

 I quote from the Control of Dogs Act 1986:

"Owner" in relation to a dog includes the occupier of any premises where the the dog is kept or permitted to live or remain at any particular time unless such occupier proves to the contrary. Provided always that where there is more than one dwelling in any house, the occupier of the dwelling in which the dog is kept, or is permitted to live or remain, shall, until the contrary is proved, be presumed to be the owner.

Is that perfectly clear? Is that chilling enough? I am the dog's owner. The dog is my property. I own the piece of walking, barking fluff at the end of the lead.

The Swedes have the perfect words for the special relationship between man/woman and dog. Or rather the role the human has in this relationship. The words are  "Matte" (fem.) or "Husse" (masc.) Husse is derived from "husbonde" and "Matte" from "matmor" (matmoder). The words describe somebody who provides food and shelter, care, warmth, comfort and affection.

When I look for a translation in my dictionary I find "Master" and "Mistress". Not the same thing at all. A "Master" indicates overpowering bossiness rather than caring and loving. And "Mistress"?....a bit too much loving perhaps? Too medieval?

M. in the dog park calls me the dogs "Mum". "Mum"?! Mother?  The very idea of giving birth to a dog...please!

No, only the Swedes have the word for it. I am "Matte".