måndag, oktober 15, 2012

What I do all day

Every week I ring a certain older female relative in Sweden. I do this every week and we "shoot the breeze" and talk about nothing much mostly. Last time she put a question to me: "What am I to tell people when they ask me what you do with yourself all day ?"
Now there's a question!

SHE knows of course that I do nothing all day but what is she to tell people? Here's the answer: I do what Picasso did all day. Except I don't have the talent. Or the money.

Still it is nice that people in Sweden are asking about me.

torsdag, oktober 04, 2012

Am I dreaming?

I have my old "job" back!
Yesterday my newspaper rang and said they had resurrected  the cartoon page.
So I rise again from the ashes like Phoenix.  I stand up from the heap of ashes, where I have been sitting like Job scratching my sores with a potsherd. So weird.
 Maybe I am dreaming and the sleeping mind have lured me into a "wish fulfillment" dream. Soon I will wake up and say: "I dreamt that I got my old job back drawing the old Tuula cartoon, isn't that weird".
What was it the the philosopher said again: Am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a philosopher- or is the other way round?
Anyway, now I have to draw the cartoon again, damn it.
Unless I wake up.