söndag, november 30, 2008

Scary dogs, episode 1

Being a member of the dog owning community I can feel free to criticize my own kind, right? Most dog owners are bonkers and the more bonkers the more obnoxiuos the dog.

This is what happened to me a while back. I was walking in the park with my medium sized dog( a Finnish spitz by breed, a poorly socialized nervous wreck by nature) when a Great Dane came running towards us. The Dane was on a leash dragging a young fit Irish man behind it.

By one light tap of the paw the dog had me tumbling the ground. It put its two front paws on my chest and opened its mouth over my face. Drops of sig saliva was falling into my eyes. My level of fear was OFF the scale at this point. I had a desperate plan - if I could reach my own dog maybe I could push it into the Dane's crocodile jaws and save myself before it ripped my face off?

Fortunately the dog released me. I stood up covered in mud, trembling like a cartoon figure and said "That's some animal you have there! (I was reared near Sparta)
The young man answered: "He is only a pup, he was only playing"

tisdag, november 25, 2008


See the signs - how bright they shine. Everywhere I see warnings about dog fouling. But has anyone in the history of the state been fined? I don't think so but by all means - make my day - prove me wrong!
My local green politician Cllr Bronwen Maher has just given me a handy leaflet of Services. If I want one of these magic signs erected in my area I can ring Dog Control Section. I already HAVE a sign in my street. But still the dogs do their thing...

Here are more fantastic claims -"dogs must be kept on a leash" in Fairview Park. Ha, ha, ha! "Relevant breeds must be muzzled". HA HA HA! And as for "removing the faeces". HA HA HA!

And as for "bringing your dog waste home"? Give me a break while I cry. There is a compromise solution amongst the Dublin dog owning community. People who bag their "dog waste" throw the bag on the ground where the dog deposited it. This goes some way towards the solution ,I know, but it is still a sad sight. ( I am picky, I know, WHY don't I just go home where I came from?)

And the best one I have saved till last. "When your dog has done its business...Do yours!" Shudder...